La Casa Adentro

'La Casa Adentro (The House Inside) is a project that started at the end of 2008 as part of KORA: Undetermined Spaces. The proposal of 'La Casa Adentro' is a synesthetic research between the sense of space and sight in relation to the sense of hearing, searching to deconstruct the perception of established structures. The choreographic motivation are the structures of movement that the sound can generate in a space. In order to communicate visually and spatially through sound the research is focused on the dimensions, the bodies, the architecture and the materials in the space and how they relate. The audio research relies on a recording technique called Binaural. This technique focuses on the natural surround that is created with a special recording head and the spatial relationship between the microphones and the headphones. The sense of space that is created with this technique does not require any post-production or special effects. The performers are in a space with only the recording head, that has two microphones inside. The audience are in a different space and watching the performance through headphones. The sound passes directly from one room to another without any alteration. The connection between the audience and the performers is through an imaginary space. The improvement of the Binaural technique is also an influence in the creative process.

On the other hand, the synesthesia takes us to a parallel research of the relationship of the mental and physical spaces.

During the first research of 'La Casa Adentro' the recording head was placed in the middle of a room where 6 performers investigated the space around it, intensively, for three months. 'La Casa Adentro' was presented for the first time from that room. The audience listened from the room below it. The result was 4 days of 20 performances that also were broadcasted live through the webpage of the project. People from around the world connected their headphones to their computers at the time of the performances and joined the imaginary space.

One live recording was then presented, as a performance, at RAFLOST - Festival of Electronic Arts. Now it is presented as one installation, placed in different spaces, at the same time, around Reykjavík Dance Festival. Each presentation belongs to the research of the relationship between the mental and physical spaces.

'La Casa Adentro' continues in a creative process.

Listen only with headphones and closed eyes. Choose a dark, quiet room.


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